About the Author

Jeannie Mane was born in Lihue, Kauai and was raised as the daughter of a Samoan-Irish father in the U.S. Coast Guard and a Samoan-Tokelauan mother who was a certified nursing aide. Jeannie was enriched with diverse cultural and religious knowledge growing up in different geographical regions. She also found an express interest in mythology and destined paths. This is her first book as part of a series that was created out of a simple wager between herself, her daughter, and her sister. Although, Jeannie Mane was often interested in the horror genre, she was challenged to write something she had virtually little to no knowledge of. So with closed eyes and a simple point of her finger on a computer screen, Jeannie randomly selected a geographical region and was assigned subject matter to write about. One year later, The Gods of Desterrados Series was born.

She currently resides in Kapolei, Hawaii and is presently writing two spinoff series of books from the Gods of Desterrados universe titled Children of the Messengers Series and The Apocrypha Series respectively. This is her first book as part of the eleven part GOD Series.